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  • What’s the Future of Amber Raw Material?
    What’s the Future of Amber Raw Material?

    Contrary to expectations, the Amberif trade fair didn’t provide an answer to the question about the nearest future of the amber market. Though, the fair has shown that the market is really saturated both with the raw material and products.

  • Amber Trip 2015
    Amber Trip 2015

    Although there were visibly fewer buyers than last year at the Amber Trip in Vilnus, the event can boast a higher number of exhibitors and a larger exhibition area. 

  • Lithuania will start amber mining
    Lithuania will start amber mining

    This year, the largest international exhibition of amber and jewelry in Baltic countries Amber Trip 2015 has launched an exclusive event – a press conference on plans to mine Lithuanian amber, lying in the Curonian Lagoon beside Juodkrante.

  • The German Media Writing about Amber
    The German Media Writing about Amber

    An article about amber has been published in Goldschmiede Zeitung (GZ), a leading German monthly magazine for the jewellery and  watchmaking industry. The article mentions the Amberif trade fair, decreasing prices of the amber raw material, the Chinese market and modern Polish jewellery. 

  • Amber – a Year Later
    Amber – a Year Later

    In January 2014 the producers were paralysed by the prices of raw material going through the roof, as well as by the dramatic lack of the raw material. Today the prices have fallen by half, and there is a lot of raw material on the market, though its quality is not always good enough.

Friday, 23 October 2015 10:16

Souvenirs from Amber Museum

Written by  Anna Sado
Braceled by Jacek Baron Braceled by Jacek Baron Photo by: Amber Museum in Krakow

Amber jewelry by Dorota Cenecka, Tomasz Kargul or Jacek Baron, along with amber sculptures by Jacek Sumeradzki and Mariusz Drapikowski, as well as objects created by Herald and Eryk Popkiewicz – these are just some of the exhibits from the Amber Museum in Cracow and products offered in Boruni gallery, which recently you can "buy" on specially prepared postcards.

"In recent years amber products have become quite the souvenir and all the visitors to our museum in Cracow stand even for a ring or earrings with a small amber stone. We would like, however, for memories of a visit to the museum to survive as long as possible, hence the idea of cards" - explained Anna Napora, manager of the Amber Museum in Krakow.

Immortalize selected jewelry and exhibits that every day can be seen in the museum: amber jewelry by Dorota Cenecka, Tomasz Kargul, Jacek Baron, Maryna Lewicka-Wala and Eugeniusz Salwierz, facilities by Tomasz Stajszczak and Herald and Eryk Popkiewicz, as well as natural amber stones. Cards are to promote not only the museum, but also contemporary Polish art of amber. The cost of such souvenirs is 4zł / 1euro.

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