Amber Terminology and Definitions of IAA

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The Terminology and Definitions of Gemstones made of Baltic Amber (succinite) of the International Amber Association


Natural Baltic amber (Succinite):

gemstone which has undergone mechanical treatment only (for instance: grinding, cutting, turning or polishing) without any change to its natural properties.

klasyfikacja_2Modified Baltic amber (Succinite):

gemstone subjected only to thermal or high-pressure treatment, which changed its physical properties, including the degree of transparency and colour, or shaped under similar conditions out of one nugget, previously cut to the required size.



Reconstructed (pressed) Baltic amber (Succinite):

gemstone made of Baltic amber pieces pressed in high temperature and under high pressure without additional components.



Bonded Baltic amber (Succinite):

gemstone consisting of two or more parts of natural, modified or reconstructed Baltic amber bonded together with the use of the smallest possible amount of a colourless binding agent necessary to join the pieces.



The following abbreviations can be used to describe gemstone modification degrees:
N – no modification
H – heating
HPHT – high pressure high temperature

International jewellery and gemmology organisations recommend providing customers with exhaustive information on the gemstone modifications applied.