Tuesday, 01 April 2014 07:41

Tomasz Mikołajczyk: Misery…

Written by  Tomasz Mikołajczyk

January: I wrote an open letter to "all" the High and Mighty of the amber fair: the Marshall of the Voivodeship, the president of Gdańsk, the Directors of the  Trade Fair. I requested that they take some action that could repair the destruction that they contributed to by accepting the "dead" rules and regulations. I found out on the grapevine - because at the end of the day what business of mine is it? - about the meeting of Those Who Must Be Obeyed. There was hassle, promises that the rules will be strict, we will kick them out, we won't allow, etc.


The trade fair begins. Tens of millions of Euros change hands, thousands of buyers from all over the world arrive. I really cannot say a bad word here. After all, the toilets are still working - and this seems to be the only thing that the organisers have influence on. The fact that it takes a 30-minute wait to enter the car park as the barriers have been broken, is a sheer accident. It happens! It's nothing that this year as well people are swearing at the turnstiles at the entrance, yet again. It's simple - be young, fit and go over the gate in five seconds, then throw your bags, that is purchases over the gate too. If people were able to do that during the war, why wouldn't it be possible now? How can somebody be so narrow-minded that they haven't repaired it for years, but put security guards, whom I really feel for, there to help? Only another "brilliant" person can possibly know that, and that would be the one who employed them. I guess it is the same person who chose the catering service for the restaurant. EVERYBODY feels nostalgic when they think about the old fair and the old restaurant - as today it is just a nightmare and two hours of waiting. MISERY - is putting it gently. We come here to work, not to stand in the queues. Yet the Directors of the trade fair - simply couldn't care less... A private owner would have long got rid of them. However the state patron still cherishes them. 

What about the importance of the merchandise? That's nothing more than a lost cause. In 95% of the places, unlabelled PRESSED amber proudly pretended to be NATURAL, in many cases effectively, which we witnessed. The proud written declarations of the organisers were silenced by the calculations of the profits. 

And the laboratory? Ask the exhibitors about professionalism. It can be wrapped up in one word: disgrace. And if someone would like to sue me, be my guest. I will not come to the court alone, but together with other wronged Merchants, who were accused of cheating by the "Laboratory", who later withdrew their accusations. The profit is gone, the embarrassment is still there. C'est la vie!

Till this day I cannot understand the proud faces of the International Amber Association representatives walking around the fair. At least now I can understand their laconic reply to my open letter. I was naive in thinking that the name obliges to something. It's a whitewash, it's money that matters - and this year there was a lot of it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, as almost everybody appears to be accepting this situation, it is my last text concerning this issue. Enough is enough. Please forgive me that you will not be able to read any more information on the Gdańsk Fair, the International Amber Association, and a few other companies and individuals on my portal. I don't see the point, though it doesn't mean that I have lost faith in the righteousness of the things that I tried to fight for for  a moment.

Best Regards,

Tomasz Mikołajczyk