Sunday, 23 February 2014 09:30

Montserrat Lacomba: Amber in Different Aspects

Written by  Montserrat Lacomba

I really appreciate being invited to be a member of the jury panel. As it is a jewellery design competition, it is a good opportunity for the contestants to experiment a bit: to think about jewellery in different categories than just goldsmithery and to try to tackle the different topics put forward every year. For many, it will surely be a continuation of thinking about jewellery, for others it will mean discovering brand new ways.

The quality of many works submitted for the contest was really high, it was a real pleasure for me to observe the different effects of using the same material in so greatly varied concepts. Amber in nature, in people's lives, and in many cultures was presented in a great spectrum of works: from traditional jewellery forms to the more conceptual realisations.

Sometimes we didn't know anything about the materials used in the project, thus we held long and very interesting discussions about them. Some works were also very surprising in terms of their size... However, what we really evaluated was the picture and the concept included in the projects. We imagined what the finished jewellery would look like.