Tuesday, 31 December 2013 10:09

Marcin Wesołowski: It Has Been a Good Year

Written by  Marcin Wesołowski

Starting with the Amberif which stands out due to the presence of a large group of foreign journalists, invited by the Amberozia company, as well as the ones who were visiting Gdańsk as a part of the mission organised by the consortium "Amber. The Treasure of Poland". Their visit resulted in a series of articles about Baltic amber, published over the few months following the trade fair, mostly in the Chinese media. It is definitely the best ,and most of all the most effective, promotional campaign for amber!

The campaign has visibly contributed to the change of amber perception: from the granny stone  it has turned into a beautiful and desirable stone, which emits positive energy. The group of people "infected with amber" is growing very rapidly. The producers have also clearly played a part in this process, as they have realised that for the biggest customer today, which is the Chinese market, it is not the price per gram that matters, but an attractive frame and the highest quality. And this is the direction that many companies are currently following. The designers and artists are also trying their best. When I see what young, often beginning, creators present their stalls, I feel extremely glad. This is a breakthrough moment for all of us, and we are making the most of the opportunities which the demanding consumers are presenting us with.

I like the fact that, from the outside, as an industry we are perceived in a positive way, and our activities are quickly adapted, for instance onto Russian ground. Recently, I have read on a Russian portal an appeal to follow the example set by the Polish and make use of their ideas for promoting amber, instead of holding a discussion on whether amber is Polish or Russian. At the end of the day it is our common treasure and we ought to join our forces. It's the nicest summary of our industry I've come across in a long time...

There were a lot of really positive events last year. I have to highlight the engagement of the International Amber Association - most of all their exceptionally active vice- president - Michał Kosior, in amber promotion. Also very important was withdrawing shaped amber from the International Amber Association recommendation system, following the request of the companies recommended by the IAA who are concerned about sorting out the market.

The opening of the Amber Museum by Tomasz Mikołajczyk in Cracow was also a significant event. It is a great thing that somebody has invested their own money into promoting amber and does it at a very high, professional level.

It has been a really good year!

Marcin Wesołowski is the owner of the NAC Amber brand.