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Krystyna Hartenberger-Pater: Forum is a Valuable Initiative

Written by  Anna Sado

The Forum of the Amber Route Cities allows, first of all, the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the scope of using amber heritage. It also supports the development of tourist cities and regions. The meetings and discussions are the mutual motivation to take up the new challenges, as well as an inspiration for bolder activities or the use of creative solutions.

Integration, that is a coherent vision, is an attitude in striving for building an inter-regional network of cooperation, which would result in working out a common standpoint concerning the rules of the Amber Route's management and its functioning. The agreement that was worked out with all the regions where ultimately the A1 motorway, called "The Amber Motorway", will run is of vital importance. Formal acceptance of the motion by the Ministry of Infrastructure allows us to implement a coherent system of signposting the entire route, which will have a very good impact on the image of the country. This year, the Pomorskie Tourist Board together with the local authorities of the voivodeship with financial support from the Ministry of Sport and Tourism will locate amber pylons - multidimensional constructions within the Pomeranian knots of the A1 motorway. The amber pylons will increase the tourist attraction value of the route, which is the main way of reaching the motorist tourists who come to relax in the Pomeranian voivodeship. They will also have an educational function in the context of information -because the motorway relates to the historic path of the trade route.

Also significant are the international contacts made during the Forum - it is especially important due to the plans of putting the Amber Route on the list of European Cultural Routes. Management of such product is very complicated, however taking into account the prospects of tourist function development, it is a task full of perspectives that we ought to aim to fulfil. Cultural tourism has always been one of the main factors encouraging tourists to visit our country, and amber has gained a new image and approbation from both local and foreign tourists. In the Pomerania region there are more and more offers of tourist products with amber playing the main role, which due to their availability allow the break up of the impression of the seasonal nature of amber, as well as facilitate tourism throughout the year. The multidimensionality of amber gives an opportunity to create a number of offers dedicated for various groups of receivers.

All those elements make it possible for us to create a strong, recognisable brand of Poland as an amber destination - we only have to believe that it really is within our reach.

Krystyna Hartenberger-Pater is a deputy director of the Pomorskie Tourist Board

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