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Tuesday, 27 September 2011 21:17

Jewellery for Brave Women - an interview with Danuta Burczik-Kruczkowska

Written by  Anna Sado
The amber necklace by Danuta Burczik-Kruczkowska The amber necklace by Danuta Burczik-Kruczkowska

Danuta Burczik-Kruczkowska is currently one of the "hottest" names among the jewellery designers. She became famous thanks to her necklaces made of matt amber, and the fashion shows that she prepared together with Jola Słoma and Mirek Trymbulak. She will present her collections for the first time at the Gold Silver Time trade fair in Warsaw.

What fashionable news will the Warsaw dwellers see at your premiere show in Warsaw?

I want to surprise Warsaw with my jewellery, by presenting my favourite amber in a slightly different form. I have prepared new models of jewellery on leather straps: simple, but elegant, as well as simple, but more "sporty" ones. The two forms are perhaps a bit contradictory, but in my jewellery they work well. I also have an idea for beads, in which amber looks like dried mushrooms - I have already made one set, but they had been sold before the premiere planned for the Ambermart trade fair - the client insisted so much that I couldn't really say no...
There will also be - also for the first time - a collection for men. I have noticed that "my" amber appeals to men as well, who more and more often ask about jewellery for men. Thinking about them, I designed cuff links and tie clips, as well as typically masculine small beads and bracelets, which can be worn with a watch. I have made a few sets of such bracelets already and I know from the owners that they wear well.

Of course, there will also be my matt amber beads - this type of jewellery has its own, particular charm. I always say that jewellery is enchanted, and I always cast such a spell on it to make the women like it.

Is Warsaw ready for your jewellery?

I hope so. Although it is not available in Warsaw yet, many women in Warsaw have it already. They are mostly tourists who come to my shop "Kraina Bursztynu" (The Land of Amber) in Kąty Rybackie when they are on holiday. They get to know my jewellery there, they wear it and ... come back to buy new products.

We have to emphasise, though, that your jewellery is more suitable for brave women: it is rather large, made of amber, quite spectacular...

It is a totally different form of amber than the one we are used to. "My" amber is cut and finished in a totally different way. I observe my clients' reactions as they walk into my shop and ask surprised "What is it?". I explain patiently "Amber". For them it is a shock, breaking away from the deeply rooted stereotypes. I have been producing such amber for 10 years, but only now do I get the impression that the customers are mature enough for it. It is true not only about Poland, but also, for instance, in the USA, where my jewellery is exported. Taking into account the statistics, fewer and fewer people are surprised when they see matt amber or the so-called clinker amber. More and more women appreciate the jewellery designed especially for them, somehow individual, which gives them class and confidence, and thus is suitable for every occasion: everyday, as well as for an elegant event.

You have prepared two fashion shows with the fashion designer duo from the Tricity - Jola Słoma and Mirek Trymbulak. What is the relationship between the collections presented at the fashion show and the ones sold in shops afterwards?

I try to design the collections for fashion shows in such a way that they can be commercial as well. But even if they aren't, they will still find consumers - women want to stand out more and more, and they want to achieve it thanks to extravagant jewellery, they are brave and aware of what they look good in. The collections prepared for the fashion shows "Pomerańcha" and "Hevelius Stars" are most of all an inspiration, working on them provides a lot of ideas which I use in other projects. Both fashion shows cost me a lot of hard work - it is one thing to design for yourself, and a completely different thing to design for a fashion show where you must work well with the designers. Especially that I perceive jewellery as an important accessory, and the topic of fashion and jewellery is really close to me. I used to consider designing such amber elements that would be possible to compose into an outfit. I hope that one day it will be possible.

Anna Sado

Anna Sado

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