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In 2013 he was accused of tax evasion in Russia. As a wanted notice was issued for him, he found shelter in Poland. Though he does not know how this story is going to end, he has decided to try to continue running his amber business here. 

2014 turned out to be very good for the Lithuanian amber industry, and in 2015 amber mining from the deposits located in the Curonian spit is meant to begin. The condition of that industry will be put on test for the first time this year at the Amber Trip trade fair that will be held in Vilnius over March 18th and 21st

The tremendous size and cultural diversity of the Indian market certainly can put off amber jewellery producers who are focused on China and are not looking for new outlets. In Neeraj Kayathwal's opinion, however, now is the right time to invest there. Why?

From the Chinese perspective, the global amber market seems to look different than from the European perspective. Mostly because their perspective is a lot wider...

Although she has been participating in amber trade fairs for year, it wasn’t until this year that she started using amber in her work. At the Amberif trade fair her collection was entirely sold out as soon as the trade fair was opened. She will have another attempt at presenting it to the public at the Ambermart trade fair. What are we going to see?

Amber is a fascinating topic, though you need to know how to get information about it into people's hands. Or perhaps even their subconsciousness...? Max Kwiatkowski, the originator of a private Amber Museum in Jarosławiec has found the way.

Although many people have heard about The Battle of Grunwald, sculptured in Baltic amber, and many have surely seen it, only a few people know who the authors are. Why do they remain in the shadows?

In the 80s. when he dealt with Dominican amber research, nothing seemed to indicate that two decades later he would be the owner of one of the largest private collections of fossil resins in the USA, and the largest internet shop selling literally everything that is connected to his unusual passion.

Today, like centuries ago, the Church is a patron of art. Another amber monstrance has been commissioned by the Church in Gdańsk. This one was produced in workshop of a craftsman - Tomasz Pisanko, the owner of ArtSzok company.

The Amber World found out about her in 2012 and was instantly delighted with the new image of amber that she proposed. The image that combined the traditions of the craft and modernity of spatial and subtle forms. Where does she come from and where is she going?

Tomasz Mikołajczyk, the owner of the amber.com.pl portal, the Amber Museum in Cracow and the Boruni Gallery estimates that modified amber constitutes 95 per cent of the market. Therefore he has written an open letter to the main shareholders controlling the International Gdańsk Fair Plc, in which he demands that solutions are implemented at the Amberif trade fair, which would ensure a higher security of purchase. Why, in his opinion, is it the Amberif that has the chance to rescue the amber market in Poland?

China - the largest outlet for producers of products with amber from Poland and other countries. Vivian Yang, a partner of the S&A company in China is telling us about the past, present and future of the amber market in the Middle Kingdom.

Nancy Chui from the Amberozia company is tellign us about the Chinese amber market and optimal ways to promote amber in the Middle Kingdom.

It's difficult, rather unpredictable, with moderate chances to develop - this is how producers of amber products answered when asked to evaluate the current situation of the amber market. What else did Adam Pstrągowski, Marcin Buzalski, Marcin Wesołowski and Leszek Duliński say about it?

Prof. Barbara Kosmowska-Ceranowicz talks about blurring the borders between modified amber and its imitations, about identification difficulties and how to get around all that.

Tomasz Mikołajczyk, who has been involved in the amber industry for 25 years, is telling us about his latest project which "surpasses all accepted schemes and standards". The project is a private Museum of Amber in Cracow and the purchase of spectrometer which is meant to "bring the market back to normal". 

Andrew Ross, a palaeontologist and curator of the Amazing Amber exhibition at National Museums Scotland tells us about this exceptional exhibit and explains why the story of Jurassic Park could not be true.

Katarzyna Hernas is the founder and chairman of Amber Fever. Her goal is to create the image of amber as a luxurious and unique stone in Great Britain. How is she going to achieve it?

Wim Vandekerckhove has made his dream from 30 years ago come true by organising an amber art exhibition. This will be quite a peculiar exhibition because he has invited artists who in most cases have never worked with amber before. What was the idea behind this “experiment” and what is its result?


Over 120 exhibitions and art shows in 23 countries, works in collections of 13 museums all over the world, many prizes and distinctions - this is a statistical summary of Paulina Binek's 25 years of work in the profession of goldsmith - jewellery maker. And how does she evaluate that time?  

The owner of the company Art7, Wojciech Kalandyk, and head designer Maciej Rozenberg are telling us about the innovative designs in jewellery with amber, and argue that a big company means a lot of possibilities, including the ones concerning creation.

Radek Szwed is considered one of the best Polish jewellery designers. He is telling us why he has swapped his double bass for a goldsmithery workshop, and why overcoming obstacles is so fascinating.

Sara Gackowska is a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, the winner of the Amberif Design Awards 2012 competition, were are talking about fascination with the material and attempts to define the jewellery form anew.

Arek Wolski combines art with commercial aspects in the field of jewellery. He treats it both as an ornament and a form of artistic expression. How does he manage to combine those two areas?

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