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Sunday, 14 March 2010 23:22

2010 Spring and Summer Fashion Trends (part 2)

Written by  Anna Sado

In the next few months fashion trends will be dominated by pastel colours, black and white – together or separately, as well as flourescent colours. We will find them not only in fashion, but also in jewellery.

Pastels this is an important trend. Gemstones will also be presented in delicate shades this season.


A group of colours labelled the “skin colours” have the widest range of possibilities, ranging from subtle and cold shades of pink, through delicate peach shades, to the opulence of beige shades. The last ones are presented especially in copper version and go towards the sandy shade (very important), ivory, brown and caramel. The favourite combination is “Chantal Thomass Look” - delicate pink combined with transparent black and black lace.

Apart from the skin colours and shades of beige mentioned above, the next season will also be dominated by the colours of “faded green” (jade, pistachio), watercolours and porcelain, and especially vanilla yellow and pink, as well as delicate turquoise, cinnamon, light grey and warm, dark grey.


The trend is primarily set here by light purple and lilac (amethyst), supplemented with light blue (aquamarine), black and grey (smoky quartz), as well as yellow. Delicate shades of green (jade, tourmaline, topaz) and grey pearls are also in fashion. Generally, the trend assumes delicacy and transparency, though there is an exception to this rule, namely brown diamonds. Brown is also desirable in the watches section: it looks exceptionally noble combined with a grey face or strap.

Happy Colours an interesting alternative for delicacy: warm, rich colours symbolising the joy of life and optimism.


In the centre of this colour pallete are the summer colours such as warm turquois, chocolate, lilac, coral, as well as the darker ones, like khaki, mud and mustard shades. They are supplemented by fluorescent colours, providing a strong accent for the design, as well as the entire composition block, or small applications. Among the most desired fluorescent colours this season are: yellow, green, red, blue, pink, and lemon yellow. Let us not forget that purple is also en vogue.


Turquois remains within the circle of the summer theme, as well as light blue, red and yellow. The latter ones, although they are very trendy, are best suited to the European shade skin.

The watches also folllow this trend and present attractive, intensive colours.

White, black and the contrasts

 black, white and their combinations are classic, timeless and extravagant.


White, especially in the pure, glossy version can be found in a number of fashion collections, both on its own and combined with black. This classic combination is noticable basically across all styles. Black on its own is coming back, too. In the transparent version as an evening attire, as well as in the avant garde outfits, but also in the “modern fighter” version. Printed designs are dominated by the graphic “design trend”: graphical, geometric forms, strong contrasts, block compositions, as well as checked and striped patterns.


White undoubtedly plays an important role in modern jewellery design. It doesn't really matter whether it appears as a gemstone (white opal), enamel, polish or ivory. Watch straps or entire watches in white are very trendy. The same applies to black, which is incredibly trendy, not only in watches, but also in jewellery. In the extravagant version – with black diamonds, as well as with onyx, polish or enamel. Black, oxidised metals are yet another example of fashionable black elements. Contrasts – regardless if achieved by combining different colours of metal, or the classic black and white, or simply colourful stripes, can be found in many jewellery creations. Contrasting combinations of matt and glossy elements, as well as organic and synthetic forms of materials are also really trendy.


There is a real boom in red gold – and it can be said that it is the most significant material this season. The time is also coming for grey gold, and other, rhodium plated and blackened surfaces. Contrasting combinations of different colours, such as pink or yellow gold and steel, platinum, or white gold in one product are also frequently used.


The latest collections are characterised by a variety of cuts. Tear shape is just as desired as baguette cuts or fantasy cuts. On the other hand, “taler” cut coloured gemstones: flat and round, often double sided faceted are exceptionally attractive. They can be found mainly in charms and subtle pendants – the whole makes a very elegant impression.

The fantasy cuts, which preserve the natural form of the gemstone, as in traditional Hindu jewellery, are still relatively new and it can be said that they are still working out their way to top trend status. In the case of diamonds, their traditional values are in first place, and the diamond cut still sets the trend there.

Based on the seminar by Irma Schuch-Schamburek (Trendvision) about the fashion trends for spring and summer 2010, delivered during the inhorgenta europe trade fair.

Photo: NAC New Amber Collection, Danuta Czapnik

Anna Sado

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