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Contrary to expectations, the Amberif trade fair didn’t provide an answer to the question about the nearest future of the amber market. Though, the fair has shown that the market is really saturated both with the raw material and products.

This year, the largest international exhibition of amber and jewelry in Baltic countries Amber Trip 2015 has launched an exclusive event – a press conference on plans to mine Lithuanian amber, lying in the Curonian Lagoon beside Juodkrante.

An article about amber has been published in Goldschmiede Zeitung (GZ), a leading German monthly magazine for the jewellery and  watchmaking industry. The article mentions the Amberif trade fair, decreasing prices of the amber raw material, the Chinese market and modern Polish jewellery. 

In January 2014 the producers were paralysed by the prices of raw material going through the roof, as well as by the dramatic lack of the raw material. Today the prices have fallen by half, and there is a lot of raw material on the market, though its quality is not always good enough.

“A great success of the Amber Expedition I was initiating and tightening contacts with people from various countries, who are interested in cooperation on the amber route. In order to benefit from this unique potential we have decided to continue the project” – says its leader Lechosław Ochocki.

Following the Russian declarations, it was supposed to fulfil the needs of the producers from Kaliningrad in the first place, and the excess was meant to go on the market where everybody was going to have an opportunity to purchase it. The current situation, however, can be briefly summarised as: it was meant to be wonderful, but it ended up as usual...

This year's edition of the Amberif trade fair was marked by more intensified than before search for alternative resins to Baltic amber - not even necessarily the ones that could be used as the "Baltic" imitation, but simple the ones that would present equally well in jewellery.

On March 19th at the Amberif trade fair, the representatives of the Polish amber industry met the delegates of the Kaliningrad Region in order to discuss their future together. Is it possible? And if so, on what conditions?

The most important news from Kaliningrad over the past year was the Oblast Development Programme until 2020, adopted by the government of the Russian Federation; the Programme places considerable emphasis on the reform of the amber industry.

The owners of the Amber Gallery-Museums, Virginija and Kazimieras Mizgiris, were looking for new artistic solutions and got the idea to redevelop one of the museum halls to create a new exhibition, in which visitors can feel the amber through artistic expression.

This year, from among three nominees, the Committee chose Gabriela Gierłowska to be the Amber Personality of the Year 2013.

For the third time, the International Amber Association has held a competition for the Amber Business Partner Award—this year this honorary title will go to Vivian Yang, owner of SAGE Amber Ltd. of China.

A reply, by Andrzej Kasprzak, the President of the International Gdańsk Fair, to the Open Letter by Tomasz Mikołajczyk, addressed to the President of the City of Gdańsk, Paweł Adamowicz, and the Marshall of the Pomeranian Voivodeship, Mieczysław Struk.

A reply, by Mariusz Drapikowski, the chairman of the International Amber Association, to the Open Letter by Tomasz Mikołajczyk, addressed to the President of the City of Gdańsk, Paweł Adamowicz, and the Marshall of the Pomeranian Voivodeship, Mieczysław Struk.

"We have to change the rules regarding exporting amber raw material from our region" - said Nikolai Cukanov, the governor of the Kaliningrad Region, at the conference in the Kaliningrad Amber Combinat on December 25th.

I have been asked again to write yet another article on “design + amber.” This is a suicide mission because all one has to do is take a walk around Gdańsk’s Old Town to become convinced that the two are antonyms, two opposite notions that are permanently and irrevocably mutually exclusive.

Which museum has the most interesting amber exhibits? Where can one buy the most attractive amber products? Which restaurants tempt with an amber menu? The answers to these and many more questions can be found in the Pomeranian amber route guide. The English version of the guide has just been published. 

Every material, which amber is combined with in jewellery and works of art, gives it a new expression and tone. Gold gives it a shade of luxury, silver – cool elegance, leather – a sense of warmth and comfort. Wood has a special place in this unlimited number of components.

The interest in Baltic amber in China is growing at a very fast pace. The film broadcast on the Chinese TV CCTV2 explains how desired amber is, as well as outlining the dangers resulting from trading amber imitations and fakes.

A comprehensive article on Baltic amber: its creation, occurrence, magic and history, was published in the October issue of the Chinese magazine Civilization.

You either like amber mosaics or not. The ones who don't like then, probably haven't had a closer looks at the mosaics by Jerzy Zauliczny.

"Together with an increasing interest in Baltic amber among Chinese customers, we can observe a revival of traditional ornaments made of beads and olive beads. Traditional silver frames are also coming back into favour" - says Joanna Szymaniak from Jantar Studio. Does it mean that the tradition is coming back?

When we think about jewellery for the autumn-winter season, subdued colours and styles come to our minds. And what if we could have jewellery that would wrap us a nice-to-the-touch material and - metaphorically speaking - warm us up with the heat emitted by the natural stones? It is possible.

It's the second time that Baltic Amber Festival, the event promoting this stone which is highly desired in Asia, is being held in Hong Kong. The Chinese are fully aware that there are no sales without good promotion...

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