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Monday, 28 September 2009 13:21

S&A presents the Rainbow collection

Written by  S&A
Ambermart Fair was the place where the latest collection of S&A company was presented. The collection presents the natural, picturesque character of Baltic Amber.
rainbow_engThe Rainbow collection is a continuation of the style line started by the set 'Play On'- which won a prize from the Ministry of Economy for the best product at the fair Gold, Silver, Time 2008. It was also the positive reviews from business partners that convinced 'S&A' Desing Studio to prepare the expanded collection of objects, whose main role is to expose the natural colours and hues of the amber.
The innovative technology of combining different colour varieties, both milky and transparent, combined with incredibly careful process of selecting the material, have enabled a very wide range of combinations within one product. The discreet silver setting creates a constructive minimum of futuristic cuts, emphasising the contrast between the inside amber structure, with the abundance of its picture, mineral striplings, and discolouration. The Rainbow collection consists of 11 jewellery sets and it relates to a popular trend in the contemporary pattern-designing, of using forms and structures that resemble the shapes created by nature, with a touch of modern perspective. The new 'eco-design' trend, however, has nothing to do with the stereotypical association with raw block suspended on a strap. It is a collection of carefully designed shapes and cuts, which expose the natural, picturesque character of Baltic amber.
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