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Friday, 12 February 2010 01:23

Inhorgenta Europe 2010: an Invitation to Munich

Written by  Anna Sado

Inhorgenta Europe in Munich is one of the most important exhibition events in the jewellery and horology industry on the world scale and also from the amber industry's point of view.

Thanks to the early date of the event in the trade fair calendar, this meeting is considered to be an important forecast for the forthcoming season. The wide range of products offered by exhibitors from all sectors of the industry provides the visitors with an opportunity to review the latest collections, new brands and latest technologies. The 37th International Trade Fair for Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, Precious Stones, Pearls and Technology will be held in Munich, over 19th and 22nd February 2010. The organiser, Messe Munchen International is expecting over 1,200 exhibitors, from over 45 countries to take part in the event, and similarly to last year, about 30,000 visiting experts. They will be have a chance to get to know the products presented in six halls of overall area of 64,500 square metres, embracing virtually all sectors of the market.

Fashion and patterns

The key word that will make getting around the fair easier is undoubtedly... fashion. To help the visitors in the difficult task of decision making and putting orders, as well as to enhance the market trend orientation, the organisers provided a “guideline” in the form of numerous seminars, lectures, and special shows. Among those, especially interesting look the lectures about current trends in jewellery (Irmine Schüch-Schamburek), coloured gemstones (Peter Welchering and Dr. Ulrich Henn), as well as the one about new diamond cuts (Sir Gabriel Tolkowsky). The discussions on stage (“How much design does a brand need?” and “The Renaissance in retail – the winners in difficult times?”), translated into English and German, are also addressed to the expert visitors.

It has become tradition that the biggest emphasis is put on contemporary patterns. Hall C2 for years has been one of the most important (if not the most important) places of presenting modern patterns in jewellery. As a part of the Concept Forum, Innovation Forum or the BrandNew-NewBrand platform, and the Goldsmiths' Forum, 350 exhibitors from all over the world will present their latest products on the area of 10.000 square metres. Selected jewellery by the designers from the Design Podium will be shown in the Designers' Avenue. One of the lead themes of many special exhibitions planned under the slogan “Modern Silver” is, among others, presentation of the exhibits from the famous Silver Museum Sterckshof from Antwerp. The exhibition “150 Years of the German Gemstone Museum” from Idar-Oberstein also looks very promising, as well as another edition of the “mineralArt” competition, addressed to young artists who this time will deal with the topic “An Adventure with Jasper”. The project “Stone Matters” prepared together by schools in Trier (Germany) and Lappeenranta (Finland) will certainly provide some creative ideas. Added to that, as a part of the exhibition “The Signs of the Time” jewellery and gemstone designers will present their achievements together. The competition exhibition Deutscher Schmuck-und Edelsteinpreis 2009 (German prize in jewellery and gemstone cathegory) will undoubtedly satisfy the fancy cut lovers.

The event of the highest stading in the field of patterns is certainly the “Innovations” (Innovationspreis) competition whose aim is to support the innovative, indicating new trends jewellery patterns. This year, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the event, there is a “virtual exhibition” of the works rewarded so far planned on the Internet. Within ten years the competition has become one of the most significant events in the world. About 200 designers will take part in the next edition. They will compete for the prize of 2000 euros in the following categories: Jewellery, Platinum and Silver Objects.

Amber in Munich

Polish amber jewellery makers value the Inhorgenta fair for a number of reasons, such as the possibility to make new contacts with international clients; the professional organisation and the invaluable inspirations. Amber has very loyal group of consumers there – hence, perhaps, the growing interest in the event from Lithuanian companies in last few years. And although on the list of exhibitors from the amber sector there are merely 17 positions, surely there will be many more companies offering these kinds of products. Only at the Polish stalls we will be able to find the “Gold of the North” in 12 places: usually framed in siver or gold, with classic or modern pattern, sometimes combined with other coloured gemstones.

The Lithuanians, on the other hand, specialise in amber only apparel, however even they are slowly beginning to use precious metal frames. Swiss company Cool designing offers come interesting looking blocks, as well as remarkable jewellery. Among the German companies, the one whose stall is certainly worth visiting is Günther Herrling, who for over 50 years has been specialising in in this very production sector. It is also worth looking for amber in the offer of other companies' or designers, who are not even associated with it. Amber is a stone valued for its aesthetic values and is often combined with other gemstones in beautiful necklaces, bracelets, or pendants, which can be seen for instance in the products of Atelier Michael Zobel or Ehinger-Schwarz.

This year we won't see in Munich the companies S&A or Art7 who will be replaced by the inhorgenta rookies: NAC New Amber Collection, Silv-Art and ABK-Styl.

The 37th International Trade Fair for Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, Precious Stones, Pearls and Technology inhorgenta europe
19th - 22nd February 2010
The fair is open to experts only

More information on: www.inhorgenta.com



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