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Sunday, 16 May 2010 12:20

''Gdańsk in the Amber Camera Lens''

Written by  press release

The exhibition ''Gdańsk in the Amber Camera Lens'' features photographs of Gdańsk and its inhabitants taken by the unique amber lens constructed by Marek Mazur. The 10th anniversary of the Amber Museum as a Division of Historical Museum of the City of Gdańsk was a perfect occasion for setting up this unique exhibition. It's an exhibition that shows off both Gdańsk and the innovative use of amber.

Marek Mazur, a popular constructor of miniature cameras has created the first, and so far unique wooden lens body with a lens made of transparent, polished amber. It is a unique use of amber on the world scale. The lens body is just a prototype so far, not all its physical traits are known yet. The unique properties of the amber lens can only be discovered when the photos of particular objects are taken by professional photographers.

The best photographers from Gdańsk were invited to take part in the project. They represent different generations, they deal with different types of photography and they have received quite different educations. The variety in their professional experience and approach to the photographed character or object helped to discover new values and qualities of the amber photos. As a result, the photographs turned out to be very personal, as each photographer perceives Gdańsk in a different way. The photographs present the picture of the city of an extraordinary charm, both picturesque, and subtle.

Apart from the constructor himsef – Marek Mazur, among the photographers are: Father Sławomir Czalej, Roman Jocher, Wojtek Korsak, Maciej Kosycarz, Dariusz Kula, Agnieszka Lendzion, Michał Mazurkiewicz, Grzegorz Mehring, Leszek Jerzy Pękalski, Monika Rohde, Stanisław Składanowski, Marcin Sylwańczyk, Michał Kosma Szczerek, and Witold Węgrzyn.

The exhibition is accompanied by an richly illustrated catalogue in which the most famous places in Gdańsk and the most famous people from Gdańsk are shown through the amber lens, which gave them a warm, goldish colour and a new, slightly unreal dimension. The project was partly financed by the second open tender for implementation of the cultural, art, and cultural goods and traditions protection activities, organised by the President's Office, Department of Culture.

10 Years of the Amber Museum

The Amber Museum founded in 2000 by the Gdańsk City Council, has been working very hard for 10 years. First of all, it has created from scratch a varied collection which includes valuable natural specimens, prominent pieces of old art, contemporary artistic craft objects, and modern jewellery – the works of outstanding designers.

In the historic Długa Street Foregate Complex in 2006 a modern, multi-media exhibition featuring the history of amber creation, its properties, mining and treatment throughout the centuries was opened. Today, the Amber Museum is one of the most frequently visited places in Gdańsk.