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We know so little about what is happening in amber art in other countries. Who are the artists? How do they perceive amber? What do they want to tell us in their works? The exhibitionAmber in Contemporary Jewellery at Putti gallery in Riga is an opportunity to find the answers to the questions above. 

On the exhibition made with the use of modern arrangement forms you can admire the amber in different aspects: beginning from natural specimens, also with inclusions, by amber archaeological ancient monuments for objects of arts and crafts and the jewellery performed from this raw material.

After the presentation in Belgium and Poland, the exhibition of the works by renowned European artists is now being shown at the Amber Museum in Ribnitz-Damgarten. The exhibition will be held until 26th February 2014.

The exhibition Amber and Its Imitations will be held at the Earth Museum by the Polish Academy of Sciences until May 2014. It is meant to make us more aware of amber imitations and fakes, which are more and more common on the market.

The newly opened Amber Museum in Cracow has prepared a real treat for the amber lovers, as well as those who don't belong to that group yet: an exhibition "Amber - Its Beauty and History", which is an introduction to the world of this fascinating stone.

The UK’s largest exhibition of amber will go on display at the National Museum of Scotland on Chambers Street, Edinburgh on 10 May. Amazing Amber will contain over 320 objects, 75% of which have never previously been shown. 

An exhibition "Hardened tears", featuring works with amber by leading European jewellery designers will be on show in Gent in January, and in March in Gdańsk. "A new artistic sensitivity has been born" - comments Wim Vandekerckhove, one of the initiators of the exhibition.

Jewellery by Art7 and Jacek Ostrowski, alongside china from Ćmielów turned out to be the most popular items among the visitors to the exhibition Designed in Poland, which was held in Lisbon.

An exhibition “The Beauty of Everyday Life” prepared by the Museum of Łódź City, and exhibitions of works by teachers, diplomats and students of the Faculty of Jewellery at the Department of Clothing and Fabrics at the Academy of fine Arts in Łódź will be held at the Amber Museum in Kaliningrad until December 2nd.

The exhibition of Polish products and innovative industrial Polish design finished on 15th October 2012. The most popular exhibits among visitors was jewellery by Ewa Rudowska, the S&A company and Marta Włodarska.

On July 10th, an exhibition of the amber masterpiece collection of the Amber House from St. Petersburgh was opened at the Amber Museum in Kaliningrad. The works of famous Russian artists, such as Alexander Zhuravlev, Alexander Krylov, and Andriej Kawecki are presented there.

The Amber Museum in Gdańsk would like to invite everyone to a unique exhibition of  works by Bogdan Mirowski, one of the most original Polish artists working with silver amber.

Presentations of Polish artistic jewellery abroad are still quite a rarity. That makes us even more happy with the positive feedback received by "International Interidea" - an exhibition of jewellery and objects by Group Six and Sławomir Fijałkowski, organised in the V&V gallery in Vienna, the place well known to connoisseurs.

The Amber Museum and Art Gallery in Legnica would like to invite everyone to the exhibition "The Boundaries of Silver Spaces. Post-war Period Polish Jewellery from the collection of Professor Irena Huml" presenting post-war period jewellery by crafts associations and artist-designers.

At the end of March 2012, the Polish city of Gdańsk will once more be bathed in the glow of jewelry and precious stones: on the occasion of the 19th Amberif fair, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS will present its trends for 2013 and intensify its collaboration with leading Polish jewelry designers.

This is the title of a book and an exhibition - a remarkable presentation of the work of the amber community of southern and central Poland. The book launch and preview will take place at the 2012 Gold Silver Time trade exhibition.

The magic of amber and its naturalness is very important - it is considered to be the forth attribute of Buddha. Thus, jewellery with natural stones, and possibly without framing was the most popular at the Amber Festival in Beijing which took place in January.

In January, for over a week, Polish contemporary jewellery featuring amber will be promoted in the centre of old Chinese art in Beijing. "It is really important to us to show the diversity of this stone and products decorated with it" - explains Jarosław Koźmiański, co-organiser of the exhibition.


The Danish presidency of the EU has become a good occasion to promote the country and its culture. Over 100 exhibits from the collection "Chest" from the Danish Art Foundation will be presented at a special exhibition at the Amber Museum in Gdańsk.

This is the third and the last presentation in the triptych of exhibitions "Amber in Female Hands" at Amber Manufacture S&A. As of December 16th beautiful jewellery designed by Izabela Gutowska will be presented there.

This is the title of an artistic photography exhibition by Henryk Pietkiewicz, in which amber plays the main role. The exhibition will be held until December 23rd, 2011, at the Baltic Concert Hall in Gdańsk.
The Gallery Amber Manufacture S&A would like to invite everyone to visit the second exhibition from the cycle “Amber in Female Hands”, which is devoted to creative work of a popular artist from Gdańsk, Paulina Binek.
In December inhabitants of Barcelona will have a chance to see the exhibition "Designed in Poland", presenting the works of Polish designers - mainly artistic jewellery. A fashion show with a collection by Michał Starost and amber jewellery on December 1st, will add splendour to the vernissage of the exhibition.
Over 300 amber exhibits form the collection of the Malbork Castle Museum, as well as exhibits borrowed from Glasgow, Berlin and Bratislava, and from contemporary Polish artists - all of these will be on show at the exhibition called "Amber Contexts".
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