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"There definitely should be more meetings like this, where the participants can find out more about amber" - agreed the participants of the workshop "How Not to Buy a Pig in a Poke, That Is Recognising Amber Fakes" which took place on January 24th at the Amber Musuem in Cracow.

After nearly a hundred salons by S&A, and three by Lalik Design in China, the first gallery with jewellery by another Polish brand: Art7, has been opened.

A unique exhibition "Amber - the Gold of the North, the Polish Treasure" will be held at the Taktil Gallery in Izola, Slovenia until the end of December. The exhibition features the works by Polish and Slovenian designers inspired by amber.

The 20 collection summarised the two decades of collaboration by the fashion designer married couple Jola Słoma & Mirek Trymbulak. Its eclecticism was perfectly accessorised with Paulina Binek’s jewellery, also created over the last 20 years.

“Tribal Spirit is a show where contemporary jewellery by Radek Szwed, inspired by tribal motifs, clashed with the simplicity and deconstruction of the clothing by Dvorus. It is our vision of a contemporary Maasai girl,” Magdalena Trzaskowska summed up.

Magdalena Arłukiewicz’s “tempting” collection was inspired by traditional 14th and 15th cent. Burgundy clothing styles. Fascinated with this mediaeval vision, Aleksander Gliwiński came up with silver and amber ornaments impressive in their size and creativity.

Inspired by the Azeri national dress, the Sevgilim collection was surprising in its joyfully juicy colours and sophisticated form which emphasised femininity. It was perfectly accessorised by Danka Czapnik’s jewellery: delicate, filigree and colourful.

The duo of Emilia Jankowska & Marcin Tomaszewski found their inspiration in the shape of seashells, the smell of the sea and the colour of seawater. In the clothing, it was reflected by the lightness and airiness of the fabrics and cuts, in the jewellery – by the handbags made of large natural seashells.

In line with its name, this collection was as colourful as the spring and bursting with freshness. Fresh Like Spring features ready-to-wear daily fashion proposals addressed to young women who value the casual style and dare to wear fairyland jewellery.

A woman is like a comet travelling among the planets. She can be as hot as Mercury or as cool as Mars – she can be who she wants to be, depending on the mood of the moment. How does she express it through clothes and jewellery?

“I think that this wedding has worked out beautifully,” is how jewellery designer Danuta Burczik-Kruczkowska summed up the Amber Wedding fashion show with gowns designed by Joanna Weyna.

Why can't the celebration on Mariacka Street be held every month? The heart grows when you see crowds of people looking around with amazement on their faces, walking in the old town in Gdańsk. This time, as is usually is the case, there was a lot to be impressed by. 

The Mariacka Street Celebration will be held under such a slogan this year. There will be a fashion show, inspired by historical outfits, there will also be townspeople from past eras, as well as contemporary concerts, art exhibitions, painting and jewellery... There will be all that the street used to go on before, and what is going on now.

Roman chariot races, gladiator and legionary fights, as well as family amber fishing were the biggest attractions of this year's edition of the Amber celebration, which took place over August 11th and 12th in Wieluń.

Roman chariots races, gladiator fights, family amber fishing competition - these are only a few of the attractions prepared by the organisers of the 6th European Amber Festival in Wieluń, which is going to take place at the second weekend of August. The event will partly be broadcast by the TVN (on Dzień Dobry Wakacje - Good Morning Holidays), TVN24 and TVN Meteo channels.

At the end of June a conference "Past-Present and Future: Cooperation Along the Historia Amber Route” took place in Vilnius. The aim of the conference was to exchange of experiences and knowledge about amber route functioning in various European countries, its place in tourism, as well as the perspectives of its development, in the context of it being entered on the list of the European cultural routes.

"It is the first such professional promotional campaign of Baltic amber as an exclusive product" - emphasise the participants of the Baltic Amber Festival in Hong Kong - Mariusz Gliwiński and Sławomir Fijałkowski. The organiser - Nancy Chiu from the Amberozia company insists that it is not the quantity but the quality of visitors that matters.

A Baltic Amber Festival will be held in Hong Kong over 15th and 24th June, 2012. The event will promote Baltic amber in China and will consist of three "pillars": a media campaign, workshops with an open lecture about amber, and an exhibition of jewellery by Polish designers and producers, where jewellery will also be sold.

Stephanie and Krzysztof Stępień from the Vessel Company were granted a honorary distinction for the Best Customer in the Amber Industry - Amber Business Partner.

350 pages, that is approximately a third more than last year, the presentation of 60 original objects with amber - from totally avant garde to mass production - and illustrations of current stylistic trends - all of it can be found in the second issue of the "Trend Book" publication.

What is the Gala? It is a flirtation between jewellery and fashion. It is a suggestion to combine both elements with imagination, and most of all with inevitable inspiration. This year, for the 19th time, fashion and jewellery designers will present the results of close cooperation, which lasted for a few months, in creating ideal realisations.

49 amber drops shone during a dry run under the viaduct on Szopy Street in Gdańsk a few days ago. As of the beginning of November they will be giving the place warmth with their shine permanently.

It will be the 26th meeting, and its topic will be "The 60th anniversary of Amber Department's Activity". In the programme - apart form the presentation of the Amber Department of the Earth Museum's workers - there are also such events as the opening of the exhibition "Fossil Resins of the World" from Janusz Fudala's author's collection from the collections of the Museum of the Earth.

Over 20 kilos of amber brought form the Baltic Sea, and amber jewellery have become a treasure trove for the most persistent treasure hunters during the European Amber Celebration which took place, for the fifth time, in Wieluń and Konopnica last weekend.

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