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Art7 Wojciech Kalandyk and Arlekin are the winners of  Mercurius Gedanensis 2014 competition.

The award granted by the students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź was granted this year to Piotr Zarański (Zarański amberdesign) for the simplicity and minimalist form of a silver bracelet with amber.

The Amberif Design Award will surely be remembered as the one associated with an amber tampon. What other works were granted awards and distinctions in the competition?

An international jury board granted 3 regulation prizes in each of the four categories: mastership, a piece of art - artistic expression, innovation and an additional one this year - music in a stone to commemorate the 140th anniversary of Sergiei Rachmaninoff's birth.

The exhibition by the 3rd International Amber Art Competition of the Baltic Countries will be held at the German Amber Museum in Ribnitz-Damgarten until October 31st, 2013. The Germans and Lithuanians turned out to be definite winners.

Not more than 15 artists from each country are allowed to participate in the  Fifth International Biennial of Amber Art Works “Alatyr 2013” organized by Kaliningrad Amber Museum.

Amber, precious metals, jewlllery stones, and the knowledge of the goldsmithery craft as well as creativity – these were the prerequisites to enter the Amber Craft competition. How did the contestants cope with the competition tasks?

S&A Jewellery Design and Marcin Bogusław are the winners of the Mercurius Gedanensis Jewellery Competition. The competition has been promoting jewellery designs that relate to contemporary fashion trends and which are executed with immaculate goldsmithery technique.

The Amber Sphere - an award by the students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, named after Władysław Strzemiński - was granted to Galeria Siedem (Gallery Seven ). The students chose the ring by German Kabirski from Russia, to be the best jewellery design at the Amberif 2013 trade fair.

Are jewellery designers able to demonstrate their own opinion and join a discussion on topics not concerning aesthetics? Is the tradition of exclusive goldsmithery going to be our eternal pang of conscience? These questions will be answered by the participants of the International Goldsmithery Art Competition SILVER 2013, the theme of which is REVOLT. 

The organisers of the Third International Amber Art Competition of the Baltic Countries have prepared prizes worth together €25,000 for contemporary works with amber. The prizes will be awarded in the following categories: jewellery, sculpture, structure, installation, object and video/photo.

The organisers of the Third International Amber Art Competition have prepared 9 prizes worth together 25,000 Euro. The contest is aimed at artists and goldsmiths from Baltic countries.

We already know the list of people who have qualified to the 21st International Goldsmithery Art Competition RITUAL. The opening of the exhibition, as well as the announcement of the winners' names and the presentation of awards, which is traditionally the crowning event of the Silver Festival in Legnica which will take place over May 11th and 12th.

The jury board of the competition "Amber and Football" has decided that the majority of submitted works have not fulfilled the conditions of the competition and did not grant the first two prizes.

We already know the topic of the next edition of - Amberif Design Award. The organiser has announced Carnival and encourages everyone to have some fun under the ENJOY slogan!

Jewellery by Izabela Gutowska received the most votes in the internet competition - Ambermart Gallery, for the most beautiful product at the Ambermart trade fair. The jewellery got the biggest number of votes on the amber.com.pl portal and www.ambermart.pl.

The jury of the First Amber Triennial in Frombork evaluated slightly under twenty works. The rewarded works will be presented at a special out of the competition exhibition at the Nicolas Copernicus Musuem, at the Holy Spirit Hospital Room in Frombork between August 20th and 27th, 2011.
After the first - and only - edition of Amber Biennale in 2007, Frombork decided to organise Amber Triennale, which is also meant to be accompanied by the best amber product competition.
The exhibition alongside the competition of the 4th International Amber Jewellery Biennial "Ałatyr" entitled "Space. Time" will be presented at the Amber Museum in Kaliningrad until August 21st, 2011.
Danuta Burczik-Kruczkowska and the S&A company are this year's winners of the Mercurius Gedanensis Jewellery Competition.
Students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, named after Władysław Strzeliński, have voted the jewellery set "Magic Pieces" by the MTM Silver Studio, the Best Jewellery Project at the Amberif 2011 trade fair.
The Jury of the Amber Handicraft Competition evaluated the professional abilities of goldsmiths and young adepts of goldsmithery specialising in both traditional and modern goldsmithing techniques.
79 authors from 12 countries submitted 101 works for this year's edition of the Amberif Design Award competition. The international jury board decided that the best one was that by a German designer – Gisbert Stach.
Happy End is the title of this year's edition of the International Jewellery Competition organised at the Amber Trip trade fair in Vilnius. However, the slogan does not mean the end, but "the beginning of a new, better story".
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