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Thursday, 27 March 2014 08:25

In the Amber Trap

On the exhibition made with the use of modern arrangement forms you can admire the amber in different aspects: beginning from natural specimens, also with inclusions, by amber archaeological ancient monuments for objects of arts and crafts and the jewellery performed from this raw material.

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Since the end of last year the attention of the amber industry, both in Poland and in other countries has been focused on the Kalinigrad Region, where a new order has been brought in. The governor of the Kaliningrad Region, Nikolaj Cukanov is telling us about what has been done so far and what the Russians want to achieve in the nearest future.

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In the 80s. when he dealt with Dominican amber research, nothing seemed to indicate that two decades later he would be the owner of one of the largest private collections of fossil resins in the USA, and the largest internet shop selling literally everything that is connected to his unusual passion.

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This year, from among three nominees, the Committee chose Gabriela Gierłowska to be the Amber Personality of the Year 2013.

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For the third time, the International Amber Association has held a competition for the Amber Business Partner Award—this year this honorary title will go to Vivian Yang, owner of SAGE Amber Ltd. of China.

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"The moment before detonation" – this is how I would briefly summarise the first days of the trade fair in Vilnius.

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Today, like centuries ago, the Church is a patron of art. Another amber monstrance has been commissioned by the Church in Gdańsk. This one was produced in workshop of a craftsman - Tomasz Pisanko, the owner of ArtSzok company.

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Monday, 03 March 2014 15:30

The 21st Edition of the Amberif

Over 450 exhibitors from 12 countries and 6 thousand visitors are expected by the organisers of the 21st Fair for Amber Jewellery and Stones AMBERIF 2014. What impact on the event will the restriction on access to the raw material from Kaliningrad have?

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The Amber World found out about her in 2012 and was instantly delighted with the new image of amber that she proposed. The image that combined the traditions of the craft and modernity of spatial and subtle forms. Where does she come from and where is she going?

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Wednesday, 05 March 2014 23:22

BALT: Stands Out

The market needs otherness - this rule has had a crucial impact on the character of the jewellery collections by the Balt company for years. How to stand out in order to fit into the trends and at the same time appeal to the customers' tastes?

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