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  • What’s the Future of Amber Raw Material?
    What’s the Future of Amber Raw Material?

    Contrary to expectations, the Amberif trade fair didn’t provide an answer to the question about the nearest future of the amber market. Though, the fair has shown that the market is really saturated both with the raw material and products.

  • Amber Trip 2015
    Amber Trip 2015

    Although there were visibly fewer buyers than last year at the Amber Trip in Vilnus, the event can boast a higher number of exhibitors and a larger exhibition area. 

  • Lithuania will start amber mining
    Lithuania will start amber mining

    This year, the largest international exhibition of amber and jewelry in Baltic countries Amber Trip 2015 has launched an exclusive event – a press conference on plans to mine Lithuanian amber, lying in the Curonian Lagoon beside Juodkrante.

  • The German Media Writing about Amber
    The German Media Writing about Amber

    An article about amber has been published in Goldschmiede Zeitung (GZ), a leading German monthly magazine for the jewellery and  watchmaking industry. The article mentions the Amberif trade fair, decreasing prices of the amber raw material, the Chinese market and modern Polish jewellery. 

  • Amber – a Year Later
    Amber – a Year Later

    In January 2014 the producers were paralysed by the prices of raw material going through the roof, as well as by the dramatic lack of the raw material. Today the prices have fallen by half, and there is a lot of raw material on the market, though its quality is not always good enough.

The authors contributing to amber.com.pl

autorzy_gabriela.gierlowskaGabriela Gierłowska

She has been connected with amber for more than thirty years already. During this time she used to run her own amber workshop and present her products at numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Care and attention, being a part of everything she does, let her notice a lizard in a lump of amber. This extraordinary specimen of inclusion in Baltic amber one can see in the Museum of Amber in Gdansk and it is described as “The Gierlowska’s Lizard”. For many years she has been writing articles for amber trade magazines. She is the author of some popular booklets on amber, richly illustrated by her own photographs, and a book entitled “About Old Collections of Amber and the Lizard of Gdansk”.
She is an expert of the International Amber Association, an expert of the Trading Standards Department, the Treasury Office and a court expert on amber.
At present she is involved in a problem of an imitation of the Baltic amber. It is probable that she is the owner of the biggest collection of amber imitations in Poland.


autorzy_wieslaw.gierlowskiWiesław Gierłowski

He is the oldest amberman in Gdansk – he has been working in the trade since 1957. Since 1972 until now he has been running his own one-man workshop in Zalesie near Tuchola, dealing with restoration and artistic amber pieces. His works are present at many museum collections and have been awarded in numerous competitions.
Wieslaw Gierlowski is a founder member and a first president of the Main Board of the International Amber Association in Poland, currently he chairs a science-information committee of this association. At present he is also a president of the World Amber Council set up in 2006 by outstanding people of scientific research on amber, artists and representatives of the most important associations in the world amber trade. He also carries out all the expert opinions commissioned by Polish courts and the fiscal and customs services and also by foreign traders.
Wieslaw Gierlowski is the author of more than 1000 scientific and journalistic publications. In the years 1987-90 he edited an amber section in the “Zlotnik-Zegarmistrz” [“Goldsmith-Watchmaker”] magazine and since 1997 to 2004 in the “Polski Jubiler” [“Polish Jeweller”] quarterly. He constantly contributes to trade magazines in the field of goldsmithery. He organizes colloquiums on amber accompanying the International Fair of Amber, Jewellery and Gemstones Amberif in Gdansk. In recognition of his accomplishments for amber trade the International Amber Association awarded him in 2000 with a title of the Amberman of the Century.


autorzy_anna.sadoAnna Sado
A trade journalist specializing in the jeweller’s subject. She gained professional experience while collaborating on a trade magazine entitled “Zegarki & Bizuteria” [“Watches & Jewellery”] with a position of a secretary and subsequently in 1999-2004 an editor-in-chief. Since 2001 she has been a correspondent for a German trade magazine “Goldschmiede Zeitung”, and her articles on Polish jewellery, goldsmith’s and amber trade can be also found in the “GZ Art+Design” and the “World One” quarterlies. Since 2007 she has been contributing to the Amber Portal.


autorzy_michal.kosiorMichał Kosior
He has been connected with jeweller’s trade since 1999. A professional experience he used to gain in Polska Bizuteria [the Polish Jewellery] where he contributed to Katalog Polska Bizuteria [the Polish Jewellery Catalogue]. Currently he is an independent journalist cooperating with the amber.com.pl Amber Portal, a trade magazine entitled “Zegarki & Bizuteria” [“Watches & Jewellery”] and foreign professional journals. He also offers PR and consulting services for companies.

autorzy_malgorzata.gliwinskaMałgorzata Gliwińska
From child with amber trade related, she works in a family business Ambermoda as well as independent graphic designer. She has been participating in jewellery trades, exhibitions and fashion shows in Poland and abroad for the past several years. Graduate of painting and graphic design on Academy of Plastic Arts as well as Publishing School in Krakow. She used to work in advertising agencies and Public Relations in Poland, Germany and USA.


autorzy_dominika.naborowskaDominika Naborowska

A student at the Academy if Fine Arts in Warsaw, the faculty of graphic art (diploma in 2009, at Prof. M. Wasilewski's Study of Poster Design, dissertation supervised by Prof. J. Mrozek, entitled “Art Deco Jewellery”) An adept of gold smithery, an apprentice at jewellery making workshops. The author of a blog devoted to jewellery design (www.panieprzodem.pl).

A scholar at Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha in Spain. Planning to study in Germany. A believer in upbringing through art, works as an art teacher at a primary school and gymnasium.