Kalisz, City on the Amber Route

Kalisia, the only Polish burg to be listed in Ptolemy's 'Cosmology', dated about the second century AD. The city was also an important centre on the Amber Route, as numerous discoveries of Roman import indicate. Archaeological research provides a lot of interesting information and evidence for the link between the city of Kalisz and the Celtic civilisation. The largest collection of Celtic coins in Poland from the early period of their coinage and the already proven existence of the Celtic mint is considered to be the proof for this relationship. The Celts might have created and controlled one of the most important centres on the Amber Route, a trade artery of the ancient world.

kalisz1The city likes to relate to its unique past. To emphasise Ptolemy's importance to Kalisz, for twelve years the city has organised the footrace under his name. Also, there is a permanent exhibition at the Museum of Kalisz Region, where there are exhibits from different periods of city's history, emphasising Kalisz's relationship with the South of Europe. Currently, Kalisz is preparing to the celebrate its 1850th anniversary. The project Kalisia 18 and ?, has been prepared and includes financial, scientific and cultural aspects. This year the works on The Amber Route (due in 2010), and the three roundabouts on the route were named after: Claudiusz Ptolemy, Roman Tradesmen and the Celts. Music festival ? Amber Road Festival,with outstanding European musicians, has been organised last two seasons. The exhibition 'Celtic Boii in the Prosna River Basin', summing up last three seasons of research around Kalisz, is due to be prepared and opened this autumn.

kalisz2In 2009 the construction of the Roman tradesman's wagon will be finished. The idea to build it emerged during the works on the ambitious project 'Amber Exhibition', whose co-authors were the employees of Archaeological Institute of National Academy of Science, the Regiona Museum of Kalisz Area and the Kalisz City Hall. Once it is constructed, the wagon is going to travel between the cities located on the Amber Route. There are already quite a few cities have already invited the wagon to visit. Minting of special coins ? the silver and amber one, worth 40 Kalisz denarii, and the one depicting an ox's head and Dorotka tower, worth 4 Kalisz denarii, harks back to the monnayeur traditions of Kalisz. Yet another coin, resembling that used in Roman times, is planned to be made in 2010. The city is also preparing special folders and a variety of gadgets. A website about Kalisz location and its rank in the amber trade is also being prepared.

It is also worth mentioning about plans to build a shopping centre, that has already been named Amber, and is located just at the beginning of the Amber Route. In the arcade the materials promoting Kalisz's relationships with the Amber Route and and the amber exhibits will be displayed.

The high point of the celebration of 18 and a half century of a century of the Kalisz city is going to be a show ? an event including a lot of attractions, such as performances by re-enactment groups and the march through the city etc.

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